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Ocean Lava Poland Training Camp

Calpe, Spain| March 12-23, 2019

Willing to work on your cycling form on a winter/spring training camp in Spain? Then you may consider this as the best possible option: an 11-day triathlon/bike training camp with the Tri-Space Team (being one of the best Polish amateur tri-clubs)! As every year since several seasons, Tri-Space goes to Calpe to make up for the bad weather at home. Their results show it’s very effective! Dozen days of decent work in Spain equals 5-6 weeks of indoor training in a cold country.
The Camp’s training programme will be coordinated by Adam Zięba – Tri-Space’s head coach and founder, an outstanding athlete himself (e.g. Polish Champion in duathlon 2018), while the non-sports agenda and uniquely friendly atmosphere will be guaranteed by the always laughing and symphatetic Tri-Space members… 🙂
What awaits you there? As always in March at Costa Blanca: warm and sunny weather (20 degrees is practically a must), various and picturesque cycling routes suitable for any cyclist, or a comprehensive training programme with biking, running and swimming sessions held in groups of different levels.  

We do speak English! So, don’t worry! You won’t be left alone among a bunch of crazy Poles! 😉 On the contrary, we’re very open and happily welcome participants from any country. But of course, if you’re afraid, you may come together with a group of your own friends or family (also those who do not train themselves: we have accompanying person’s pacakges as well).

The price include: accommodation in comfortable, fully-equipped premium apartments, rent of a full-carbon race bike, coaching and a carefully planned training programme (7-10 bike sessions, 3-5 run sessions, 3 swimming trainings), airport transfers, etc.
Should you have any doubts or questions, please do not hesitate to contact us through: zapytania@appetiteforsports.com – we’ll help and explain!



STANDARD Package: 1 person in a double room (single bed)or on sofa:  EUR 460 
STANDARD-LUX Package: 1 person in a double room (double bed) for single use:  EUR 599 
STANDARD-DUO Package: 2 persons (training) in a double room (double bed):  EUR 899  (for 2 persons)
STANDARD-FAMILY Package: 2 persons (training and non-training2) in a double room (double bed):  EUR 690  (for 2 persons)
1 persons who purchase this package will be accommodated in a double room (with single beds) together with another participant of the Camp
2 the package for a non-training person does not include: bike rent, entrance to the swimming pool, coaching
PREMIUM-LUX Package: 1 person in an apartment for single use:  EUR 810 
PREMIUM-DUO Package: 2 persons (training):  EUR 1160  (for 2 persons)
PREMIUM-FAMILY Package: 2 persons (training and non-training4):  EUR 930  (for 2 persons)
3 2-person apartments (AP2) can only be booked as a whole – for 1, 2 or at most 3 persons (there’s a double bed in the apartment’s sleeping room and a sofa in the living room)
4 the package for a non-training person does not include: bike rent, entrance to the swimming pool, coaching

The price for 1 person includes:

  • accommodation in an apartment of your choice (their description is available in a previous tab – 'Prices’)
  • rent of a full-carbon road bike for the whole Camp (technical service and fit included);
  • transfers from/to the Alicante airport (on given days/time – designated as the offical start/end dates; individual transfers can be arranged on request);
  • possibility to participate in 3 swimming trainings on a sports pool (main focus on swimming technique);
  • coaching during the Camp for different fitness levels and your planned distances;
  • detailed printed guide on cycling routes in the region;
  • travel insurance;
  • Appetiteforsports VIP Card with discounts for local restaurants, bars, etc.

Additionally, our athletes can take part in tests of equipment or sports food that we typically organize in Calpe together with our partners. 

 Appetiteforsports.com | Club Card
The Camp will take place between March 12 and 23, 2019 (11 days).
If you want/have to come/leave a little bit earlier or later, please contact us, and we’ll arrange the stay for you.

Supplements for non-standard elements  

Non-training person1 in AP4 EUR 230
AP4 for 3 persons (fully paying) EUR 135
AP4 for 2 persons (fully paying) EUR 270
5th (training) person in AP4 (purchased by a group of 4) EUR 299
5th (non-training) person in AP4 (purchased by a group of 4) EUR 85
3rd (training) person in AP2 EUR 299
3rd (non-training) person in AP2 EUR 85
supplement for a baby (0-2 yo) EUR 35
supplement for a child (2-12 yo) EUR 85
supplement for a higher class bike (with disc brakes EUR 382
1 a non-training person package does not include: bike rent, coaching
2 for rent during the whole camp
The comfort appartments in which the Camp’s participants will be accommodated are very close to the beach. They are fully equipped – kitchen (fridge, stove, microwave, pots, utensils etc.), bathroom, washing maschine, TV, WiFI, A/C. In the very vicinity of the apartment building there are two supermarkets and a number of restaurants and bars, so meals shouldn’t be a problem.
There are two types of apartments that you can choose from:
  • AP2 – 2-person apartment: with w single bedroom (with a double bed), a bathroom and a living room (with a sofa which can be also used for sleeping); it may comfortably sleep 2 persons (on the double bed or on the bed and sofa) or 3 persons (e.g. parents with a child)
  • AP4 – 4-person apartment: with two bedrooms (one with a double bed and a private bathroom, and the other with two single beds), kitchen, nathroom and a living room (with a sofa); it can comfortably sleep 4 persons (2 on the double bed, 2 on single beds) or, in a budget option, 5 persons (one in the living room)
During the booking process you will reserve a single place in a selected type of apartments. If it is AP4, you will be accommodated with other participants of the Camp (so as there are in total 4 persons in the apartment). In AP4 you may also book the whole double room (the double bedroom) -for a single person (additional charge) or for two persons. In case of AP2 it is only possible to book the apartment as a whole – for 1, 2 or 3 persons.
If you wish to purchase accommodation in AP2, you may only book the whole apartment (and not – an individual place in it) for 1, 2 or 3 persons. To book accommodation for more than one person, you have to submit their data on the same reservation form and/or discuss the details with the Organizer. With such reserations you may always consider asking for a discount! 😉
The price doesn’t include flights to/from Alicante (which is an international airport closest to Calpe). It stems from the fact that, as an individual, you are probably able to book and reserve your plane tickets cheaper than we – as a travel agency – could ever do it. 
We recommend that you look for flights that land/depart at times where the majority of the Camp’s participants arrive to Calpe (i.e March 12 at around 2 pm) or leave from there (March 23 at about 6.45 am).
If you wish to come to Calpe earlier/later, please let us know and we’ll try to find the best solution for you.
The Camp’s training programme will be coordinated by Adam Zięba – the head coach and founder of Tri-Space (the best Polish amateur team), and an outstanding athlete himself (e.g. Polish Champion in duathlon 2018).
The Camp’s training programme assumes that the main focus is going to be put on the cycling training (it’s Calpe, after all!). The warm weather and the variety of cycling routes in the region let the participants achieve the training effect equal to 4-5 weeks of indoor workouts in their home cold country.
For all interested there will be possibility of taking part in swimming trainings (work on the technique) and running.
If you want better prepare for the Camp, you may ask for Adam Zięba’s coaching advice even now! In the framework of the 'Get Ready for 2019′ Programme introduced by Ocean Lava Triathlon Polska, there are still available coaching packages for Programme’s members.

Get Ready for 2019 | Ocean Lava PolandIf you’re a member of the Ocean Lava Triathlon Poland programme 'Get Ready for 2019′, you may apply for a special discount available for the Programme’s members. Just mention that in the 'Additional information’ field while making your reservation. If you would like to join the Programme, please check all the details on the Ocean Lava Triathlon Poland website: triathlonpoland.com.

Tri-Space Training Camp:

  • 11 days of effective training aligned to your fitness level and needs
  • professional coaching and training plan for the camp prepared by one of the best Polish trainers
  • friendly atmosphere
  • accommodation in comfort, fully equipped apartments
  • rent of full-carbon high class road bikes included
  • possibility of coming with accompanying persons (also – non-training)

What is Calpe and Costa Blanca?

  • Calpe is the winter capital of the European cycling – due to the warm weather and the quality and diversity of cycling routes in the region, both professionals (World Tour teams) and amateurs come there to train in winter/spring months
  • even in December temperatures normally are in the range of 15-25 degrees
  • longer days let you enjoy sun and have more time for training
  • diersified cycling routes let realize all kinds of training – from TT, to group rides, to endurance and strength on long uphills
  • good road quality and exceptional drivers’ culture (towards cyclists, of course) make the training safe and stressless
  • picturesque views, mountains next to the sea, blossoming orange and almond orchards, sandy beaches
  • … and a lot more! 🙂



If you’re interested in participating in the Training Camp, please fill in the reservation form below. We’ll contact you immediately to discuss all the details and prepare travel documents.

Jak wygląda proces rezerwacji i zakupu obozu?

STEP 1: you fill in and send the reservation form (below)

STEP 2: we contact you by email or phone, so as to discuss all the details and answer potential questions

STEP 3: we send you (by email) a contract prepared for you

STEP 4: you don’t have to sign the contract nor send it anywhere! it’s enough that you transfer the 30% pre-payment (preferably within 24 hours) which is equivalent to your accepting the contract and its coming into force

STEP 5: at this moment you should book your flights to/from Alicante (there’s a lot of cheap airlines flying there)

STEP 6: until a date determined in the contract you should have paid the remaining 70% of the price

KROK 7: going to Spain!!! 🙂

To confirm the reservation a payment of 30% of the price is necessary. The remaining amount should be paid by Jan. 31, 2019 at latest.


    Please choose your accommodation ?. *:

    Choose, if the accompanying person buys the full (training) package or a non-training package

    If you want to book additional places for accompanying persons (in the selected type of apartment), please choose their number from the list below:
    > number of accompanying persons:

    > including non-training persons:

    > including non-training persons:

    If you want to book additional places for accompanying persons (in the selected type of apartment), please choose their number from the list below:
    > number of accompanying persons:

    > including non-training persons:

    > including non-training persons:

    > including non-training persons:

    > including non-training persons:


    If you're interested in renting a higher class bike (with disc brakes, Merida Scultura 6000 / Medira Reacto Disc or similar), check the box below 

    The basic price includes a rent of a road bike in a 'base' version i.e. Merida Scultura 5000 or similar, full-carbon, Ultegra equipment. A number of higher class bikes is limited - they're available on the first-book / first served basis. The supplement is to be paid on site.

    yes, I'd like to rent a higher class bike


    Information necessary for the travel contract and insurance:

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    Your e-mail address *:

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    Accompanying person's data:

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    address * (street, number, post code, town, country):

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    Data for the accompanying persons:

    Please fill in the following data for all accompanying persons: name, surname, address, contact phone number, email address, date of birth, ID/passport number and validity. If you don't know all the details, you may just give names and surnames, and send us other information later.


    Additional remarks, questions etc.:


    I want to receive information about other events realized by the Organizer, and I agree to their using for this purpose my telecommunications terminal equipment and to receiving commercial information by means of electronic communications.


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